Flutter command not found

You need to correctly set up your Flutter path.

From macOS install – Update your path:

  1. Determine the directory where you placed the Flutter SDK. You will need this in Step 3.
  2. Open (or create) $HOME/.bash_profile. You can do that by using terminal text editor by going in terminal and typing nano ~/.bash_profilemacOS v10.15 (Catalina) uses the Z shell by default, so edit $file HOME/.zshrc.If you are using a different shell, the file path and filename will be different on your machine.
  3. Add the following line and change [PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY] to be the path where you cloned Flutter’s Git repository is: export PATH=[PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY]/flutter/bin:$PATH For example: export PATH=~/Documents/flutter/bin:$PATH
  4. Press Ctrl + X and when it asks you to save the file, choose Yes
  5. Run source $HOME/.bash_profile to refresh the current window or restart the terminal
  6. Verify that the flutter/bin directory is now in your PATH by running: echo $PATH Notice that [PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY] is where you installed Flutter SDK, not the location of your app

Instead of nano, you can use any text editor to edit file ~/.bash_profile.

For zsh:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run: nano ~/.zshrc
  3. Add: export PATH=[PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY]/flutter/bin:$PATH
  4. Run: source ~/.zshrc
  5. restart terminal
  6. Run: flutter doctor -v

For example : if flutter in your machine has been installed under [your_username]/Developer/flutter

export PATH=Developer/flutter/bin:$PATH

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