How do I change react version 18 to 17?

npm install --save react@17.0.2 react-dom@17.0.2
How do you degrade to react 17?
How do I downgrade react app?
Method 1: Use Yarn or NPM Install We suggest you search the “react-dom” and “react” packages beneath dependencies or devDependencies, before replacing them with 16.13. 0. Once done, run “npm install” or “yarn” or any package manager. That should be sufficient to downgrade the React from 17 to 16.02-Jul-2022

Is react 17 backwards compatible?
Short answer: Yes, upgrade! Long answer: React 17 will be the new standard and foundation for React. You can think of it as similar to Windows 10; new features will be built on top of it without needing to update your entire system, because all versions after 17 will be fully backwards compatible with 17 (but not 16).

When did react 17 come out?
October 20, 2020

How do I change react version?
To update your React version, install the latest versions of the react and react-dom packages by running npm install react@latest react-dom@latest . If you use create-react-app , also update the version of react-scripts . Copied! The command will update the versions of the react-related packages.30-Apr-2022

Is react 18 backwards compatible?
this needs to be documented as a breaking change and React 18 is not backwards compatible. Just to start with this — React 18 is a major release and is not meant to be fully backwards-compatible. Each major release has breaking changes; otherwise we wouldn't mark them as major.13-May-2022

What is the node version for React 17?
Node 16 is the LTS version since 2021-10-26, while Node 17 became the Current version from 2021-10-19.

Is react 18 stable?
React just received a stable version of its version 18 release; There are many changes that will improve the lives of React developers, including Server Components, Suspense improvements or Concurrent Rendering; As with any tool, this one also has its use case. It's great for some tasks, and not optimal for others.

How do I make an older version of a reaction app?
If you want to downgrade your current react version to previous version of react, Try These 5 Steps.

You go to your folder file structure and delete both package-lock. json ( yarn. lock for yarn) file and node_modules file.
After you go to your package.json file and change and edit these dependencies 

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